Phone Interviewer in Polish

Job Details
  • Job Title:
    Phone Interviewer in Polish
  • Department / Type:
    Sales & Administration
  • Job City:
    Any in Poland
  • Job State:
  • Job Posting Date:
    Jan 02, 2019
Job Description

We are looking for a Phone Interviewer for work in our Global Team with a position in Europe.

- Fluent in English
- Fluent in Polish
- Have a stable internet connection
- Can take our certification course online

You have to be fluent in English and enabled to report progress on a daily basis. When hiring personnel we do a screening process and in some cases, you will need to submit papers of a  spotless and unrestrained past. 

Work will be part-time and depend on your talent you will get a better position. If you speak any Scandinavian language this is merited.

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